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**Size 23-29cm**

From the new model "1906R", which is a reconstruction of the "1906" that symbolizes the running shoes of the 2000s, a new color with accent colors on the heel and a heritage color that is typical of New Balance has appeared.

The original appeared in 2009, and is equipped with the same sole as the "2002" that appeared later as a flagship model.
It was a high-performance running shoe with "1906", the year the New Balance brand was founded, in its name.
The reprinted "1906R" has been updated to a high-spec sole that boasts high shock absorption and resilience, just like the "2002R" reprinted in 2020.
The solid upper with N-lock finished with textured suede/mesh, and the high-spec sole with full-length N ERGY and ABZORB provide a comfortable fit.

●Equipped functions
, Ndurance

●Upper material: natural leather/synthetic fiber
●Sole material: rubber sole

Color: Black

Made in Vietnam


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